Antonio Canova

Character Head

circa 1780

Romano Egyptian

Statuette of a Female

circa 2nd century A.D.


Vase and Cover

circa 1780

Gerard David

The Lamentation

between 1515 - 1523


Funerary Altar of Claudius Hyllus

circa 90-150 A.D.

Giovanni Battista Foggini

Boreas and Orithyia

First quarter of the 18th century

Alonso Berruguete

Pair of Busts representing a Roman Soldier and a Roman Senator (probably Saint Marinus and Saint Asterius)

Second quarter of the 16th century

Nicholas Stone

A set of four English alabaster swans

Second quarter of the 17th century


The Infant Hercules Wrestling a Snake, Based on a model by Alessandro Algardi (1598 - 1654)

Late 17th century


Equestrian Monument of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (121 – 180 A.D.), after the Antique

18th century

Michiel van der Voort


First quarter of the 18th century

Giovacchino Fortini

Bust of a Nobleman in Armour

circa 1700

Giovanni Francesco Susini

The Farnese Bull

First half of the 17th century


Important pair of large carved Egyptian Porphyry vases and covers

Mid-18th century

William Etty R.A.

Standing Female Nude from Behind

Early 19th century